International Mother Language Day

21st February 2018

The BBA students organized International Mother Language Day to promote awareness of linguistics and cultural diversity on 21 February 2018. The programme started at 9:00 am with a prayer led by Fr. Dr. George Chempakathinal, Vice Principal, Salesian College. Dr. Dipankar Rudra honoured Bengali language by reciting a poem. This was followed by BBA second year students performance of a Bengali song.
Father Mathew Pulingathil, Rector, Salesian College, played a wonderful Bengali song titled Ami chand ke boli tumi sundar noy amar mayer moton . He stated that our wealth is our mother tongue and that we must honour it. He urged that we treasure our mother language and feel proud of it. Though we speak different languages, we are united as one nation.
Lydia Dichen Bhutia sang a Nepali hymn titled Timi Bina Malai Yo Jiwan. This was followed by a Nepali recitation, Ghasi, by Saurav Thapa. Enid Marbaniang recited a Khasi poem. Next, there was a recitation titled Madhushala by Tanu Goyal and Mitrunjay Jha. A Hindi recitation was performed, titled Hindi Jinki Boli Hai by Priya Gupta.
Joyanna Annie Thomas sang a popular Malayalam song, captivating everyone with her voice. This was followed by a beautiful dance performed by Muskan, on a typical Rajasthani folk song. Alina Rehan Qureshi recited a poem in Urdu, titled Bas ek Maa hai jo khafa nai hoti. This was followed by a Bengali and Nepali song sung by Mr. Shoumik Saha, faculty, and Bijay Bahadur, student, respectively. At the end, there was a video played on Rajasthani by the third year Marwari students.
The programme was informational with regard to knowledge of linguistics, language and culture. The beautiful aspect of the event was how language unites us despite different religious and cultural backgrounds. Dr. Dipankar Rudra concluded the programme with the vote of thanks.

Report by:
Mitesh Agarwal
BBA Semester 1