Scholarships And Endowments

Scholarship funds are welcome from interested alumni, well-wishers, parents of students and alumni. The fund thus generated will meet the cost of education of one or two students for their education in the college in the case of scholarships. Annually the expenses incurred on a student by fees is Rs 9000/- as of now. A sum of one and half lakhs if invested (at the present rate of interest) can bring in an annual return with which the said expenses can be met.
One may also contribute any sum any time to the Alumni Scholarship Fund which will be disbursed to meritorious students.It can also be an assurance that annually at the beginning of the academic year the said sum will be transferred to the college by the sponsoring parent, alumni, agent or foundation.
As to selection of the deserving student a committee consisting of student council president, teachers council secretary and a GB member will be constituted who will propose three names and the awardees will be chosen by the GB of the college. The proposed criteria of selection are as follows: the financial constraints of the family (low income) the academic performance of the student (minimum attendance of 80% and above 50% marks in the college examination/selection tests). The money will be transferred annually from the sponsorship fund/sponsoring agent to the college account as payment for the students expenses and the same will be intimated to the sponsor, the parent and in the annual report of the college presented by the principal at the inauguration of the college academic session.
The sponsorship of the student will be named after the person or agency or family that the sponsor so desires to be named after.
In case of endowments the sum will be utilized for the purpose of organizing a guest lecture by a prominent person from any part of the country on any one of the themes chosen by the college council, consisting of the department heads and campus coordinator. The choice of theme shall be in rotation as to give acknowledgement to developments in each of the subjects taught in the college. The endowment grant should cover the cost of the travel expenses of the invited speaker, his/her honorarium and the expenses for the hosting of the event at the college (invitations, food for invitees, and publicity). A sum of 25000/- should cover the above costs. The sum of 4 lakhs may be deposited in the endowment account of the college as a lump sum from which interest returns the annual endowment lecture will be conducted or as annual contribution towards the expenses (as reimbursement of bills submitted or as donation against which the utilization certificate and audit report shall be submitted to the GB and the donor/sponsor.)
The Endowment lecture to be held annually will be named after the donor or the person he/she wishes it to be named after. A report of the same shall be tabled annually by the principal at the college day report and/or at the annual parents’ and teachers meeting.


The Three Scholarships for the year 2009-10 have been named as:

Stephen Memorial Scholarship

Joseph Pullanthanikal Memorial

Scholarship God's Pet Scholarship


The Two Scholarships for the year 2010-11 have been named as:

Thottathil Memorial Scholarship

Sophie Kugler Memorial Scholarship

West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation
  • Norden Tamang
  • Yanku Lama
Don Bosco Development Society Calcutta DB/DOC
  1. Gilbert Tamang
  2. Kamal Ghimiray
  3. Nirmala Rai
  4. Donlad Lepcha
  5. Minu Sapkota
  6. Maria Salu Thapa

Don Bosco Development Society Calcutta DB/DOC
  1. Kamal Ghimiray
  2. Richard Rai
  3. Agnes Shanker
  4. Nirmala Rai
West Bengal Govt. Minority Post Matric Scholarship
  1. Sneha Zimba
  2. Thendup Dukpa
  3. Regina Chettri
  4. Karuna Pradhan
  5. Kamal Ghimiray
  6. Marlyn v Pradhan
  7. Tshering Dhendup Lama
  8. Sonam Sherpa
  9. Rikjen Dukpa
  10. Caroline Yonzon
  11. Reema Tamang
  12. Pemu Sherpa
  13. Finzum Bhutia
  14. Tsering Choden
  15. Anusha Rai
  16. Namrata Tamang
  17. Dikky Tamang
  18. Nirmala Rai
  19. Shasilta Tamang
  20. Anjali Gurung
  21. Prabhakar Gurung
  22. Rohan Gurung
  23. Chinku Lamu Sherpa
  24. Augustin Hereh
  25. Tshering Dolker Sherpa
  26. Rinchen Tamang
  1. Saurav Tamang
  2. Rahul Tamang
  3. Puspadevi Rai
  4. Nimcheki Sherpa
  5. Pasasang Lamu Sherpa
  6. Lucky Doma Sherpa
  7. Priyanka Tamang
  8. Pramit Tamang
  9. Sonam Lamu Sherpa
  10. David Tahapa Manger
  11. Pemba Narbu Sherpa
  12. Gautam Lama
  13. Sonia Mansuri
  14. Diwakar Lama
  15. Sanjita Subba
  16. Prabin Tamang
  17. Upasana Tamang
  18. Sahara Biswakarma
  19. Lucas Khawas
  20. Chelbi Tamang
  21. Pranay Chettri
  22. Kavita Rai
  23. Maria Salu Thapa
  24. Zeten Chettri
  25. Passang Tamang
  1. Akrity Pradhan
  2. Ananditha Lama
  3. Anjali Gurung
  4. Arweena Rai
  5. Christina Lepcha
  6. Diki Lamu Sherpa
  7. Divya Gurung
  8. Marline Jude Sewa
  9. Pratibha Gurung
  10. Rachel Lama
  11. Ranu Sherpa
  12. Ritu Saha
  13. Sharmila Tamang
  14. Uden Sherpa
  15. Pramita Tamang
  16. Chanda Tamang
  17. Angel Ghimiray
  18. Ningma Lama
  19. Sunita Kumari Saha
  1. Saloni gurung
  2. Pramit tamang
  3. Karuna pradhan
  4. Pemu sherpa
  5. Yangji tamang
  6. Chenum lama
  7. Prasan tamang
  8. Marilyn valentina pradhan
  9. Iohteibok nongkhlaw
  10. Samden dukpa
  11. Shiwanghi tamang
  12. Lochna gurung
  13. Dawa tshering sherpa
  14. Ruchi tamang
  15. Anjali tamang
  16. Md mustaq ansari
  17. Roshanara khatun
  18. Ranu sherpa
  19. Aman gurung
  20. Lucky doma sherpa
  21. Saroj tamang
  22. Dawa dolma tamang
  23. Tsering choden bhutia
  24. Binay pradhan
  25. Jahanara khatun
  26. Aishwarya lama
  27. Samikcha lama
  1. Kelden sherpa
  2. Pemba narbu sherpa
  3. Neeru gurung
  4. Bibika subba limbu
  5. Priya tamang
  6. Roja tamang
  7. Pem tshering yolmo
  8. Christina lepcha
  9. Diki lamu sherpa
  10. Pratibha gurung
  11. Saraswati tamang
  12. Norbu tamang
  13. George donbok lyngkhoi
  14. Mwikwm bosumatary
  15. William kullu
  16. Damu sherpa
  17. Deepa tamang
  18. Tenzing kunsang bhutia
  19. Hena gurung
  20. Prakash rai
  21. Rohan gurung
  22. Bibika subba limbu
  23. Thendup dukpa
  24. Anne mary lepcha
  25. Rohini lama
  26. Saddam hussain mansuri
  27. Pema choden sherpa
  28. Punam sherpa
  1. Justina lepcha
  2. Arati gupta
  3. Abhilasha moktan
  4. Bandana lohagun
  5. Passang lhamu bhutia
  6. Sevika tamang
  7. Asmita tamang
  8. Rohini subba
  9. Radhika mangar
DB DOC scholarships 2016-17
  1. Sweta Gurung
  2. Christina Lepcha
  3. Sikha Gurung
  4. Jennifer Baraily
  5. Sheetal Pradhan
  6. Sanjok Gurung
  7. Sanju Gurung
  8. Ceering Lama
  9. Kornelius Hembrom
  10. Kevin Rai
  11. Marsom Lepcha
  12. Oliver Baral