General Information

An Overview

The academic year which begins in June and ends in May, consists of three terms.
June 11/July 2 to August 31,
September 03 to December 18,
February 18 to May 22
The three year course of studies at Salesian College, Sonada (SCS), caters to the requirements of the Salesian intellectual formation in the post-novitiate period for the religious students and completion of the syllabus of the University of North Bengal for Bachelor of Arts (Honours & General) studies for all students.
During these three years, the residential students complete the philosophical training required of the Seminarians’ formation to the Priesthood and three years of B.A. (Honours or General) Degree Course of the North Bengal University. The Day students besides B.A. (Honours/General) are to choose as optional from the B. Ph courses and/or  join up for any one of the career oriented programmes of the NBU.
There are five class  days per week with five hours and twenty minutes of class-room lecture/activity daily. The morning hours of the fourth working day (Thursday), are set apart for study and research in the library.  However, if any class day of the week is a holiday, the Thursday of that week shall be a class day. There may also be special classes on Thursday mornings.
The Philosophical studies give emphasis to the perennial streams of thought - Indian and Western - to help students critically analyse the various contemporary schools of thought and social trends.
Opportunities are provided to the students to take classes, participate in seminars and organise group discussions in order to help them to make a synthesis of philosophy, humanities and social sciences.
Periodic assignments and term papers are scheduled during the year in order to lead the students to a personal synthesis and to the acquisition of additional knowledge. The lecturers have an understanding with the Principal/HoDs in giving the various assignments to the students.
B.A. Part I Examinations are held in April-May of the First year, B.A. Part II Examinations in April-May of the Second year and B.A. Part III Examinations in April-May of  the Third year. Philosophy Comprehensive Examinations are held in May of the third year.
Before the Comprehensive Examination, about ten working days are set aside to synthesize Indian & Western Philosophies. The Examination will be held in two parts: oral & written. In the same way about ten days will be available to the students as study leave for the immediate preparation for the B.A. Part I, Part II & Part III Exams.
Whenever possible, specialists and professors are invited from outside for guest lectures, seminars, panel discussions, symposia etc. related to the courses of study offered at SCS.
To motivate the students and by way of incentives, the college awards every year, prizes to the students of every class who pass in all the subjects, score the highest marks in any of the following:(i) Philosophy, (ii) B.A. Honours Course, (iii) B. A. Pass Course, (iv) COP