Knowledge Theorization and Rights: Renegotating the Connectives

Dr. Pius V. Thomas


Change and Continuty

Aditi Das Gupta


Ant Eggs in Honey-Hive Shade

Diganta Ray

Darjeeling: Society Economy and Polity

Nupur Das


Stolen Sights

Diganta Ray


Santh Dominic Savio

Claudius Yonzon

Yuvaharuko Dhanya Mitra-Don Bosco

Claudius Yonzon


Mongolian Aqua

Sukant Rai

Life with an author

Nomita Ghosal

Songs of Soul-My Darjeeling Poems

Nomita Ghosal

A Journey Eternal- Poems and Plays

Ajanta Paul

Reminiscence "Yaad" Agamsingh Giri

Terence Mukhia




Shiv Kumar Rai


Feminist Hermeneuitcs


Dr. Pushpa Joseph



Nepali Language Games


Dr. Rajesh Sachdeva


Transitions in Cultural-Linguistic Space: The Nepali Speaking Community in Darjeeling

Fr. Dr. George Thadathil
Dr. Jiwan Namdung
Dr. Lalita Rai Ahmed


Udghatan: A collection of one act plays

Bruno Vairung

Tracing the Steps: A Psycho-pedagogical Study of Charles De Foucauld's Vocational Journey

Fr. Dr. Nirmol Gomes

Metaphysics of Yoga Tantra: Theory & Praxis in the Hevajra Tantra-: A Methphysical Perspective

Fr. Dr. Tomy Augustine

Vision from the Margin: A Study of Sri Narayana Guru Movement

Fr. Dr. George Thadathil

Aalekh: Cultural Identity in Nepali Language & Literature


Fr. Dr. George Thadathil
Dr. Jiwan Namdung

Subaltern Perspectives: Philosophizing from Indian Context

Fr. Dr. George Thadathil

Commmunities and Identity Consciousness: South Indian Trajectories

Fr. Dr. George Thadathil
Felix Wilfred

Vibrations of the Heart: John Henry Newman: Dynamics of Conversion

Sr. Dr. Merlyn George,SCSC