Salesians NSSians Observed Swachhata Pakhwada

15th September 2017

15th September 2017: Fifteen days programme on “Swachhata Pakhwada” was announced by Ministry of human resource and development which was further instructed by the coordinating university and organized by the NSS unit of Salesian College Siliguri campus from 1st Sept to 15th Sept 2017. The programme was coordinated by the NSS coordinator Mr. Sandeep Sundas. The programme aims for spreading the message of cleanliness not only among the students but also in the surrounding areas. The objective of observing the Swachhata Pakhwada was to effectively engage students with society in carrying out cleaning campaigns and awareness on cleaning the sorroundings. “Swachhata Pakhwada” is a day wise 15 day’s program. All the programs were headed by the senior most NSS volunteers who were the group leaders and responsibility was assign to them to carry out everyday’s task. The programme was organized in such a way that the students missed their classes to the minimum by effectively engaging all the volunteers throughout 15 days by forming a group of 15-20 and assigning the task of at most 3 days to each group. Every students/volunteers’ participated the campaign for 15 days with the encouragement and keen interest to learn and perform.

    The day wise activities performed by the volunteers are as follows:
  1. Clean campus day
  2. Clean hostel day
  3. Green campus day
  4. Clean mess day
  5. Essay competition on “ Innovative ways for spreading the message of hygiene”
  6. Clean surrounding day: Roads leading to institutions.
  7. Clean surrounding day: study of garbage cleaning system in public spaces.
  8. Clean surrounding day: visit to slum/villages to explain the concepts of cleanliness, wall writing on cleanliness and health.
  9. Clean surrounding day: visit to the market nearby to study the system of cleaning.
  10. Clean surrounding day: visit to govt. hospitals to study the hygiene and system for disposal of garbage and hospital wastes.
  11. Clean surrounding day: visit to institute for the poor( Orphanages, Old age homes etc)
  12. Clean surrounding day: debriefing session with commissioner’s local body about the system for cleanliness.
  13. Cleanest hostel room contest.
  14. Elocution contest on health and hygiene is the real wealth.
  15. Closing ceremony for distribution of certificates to the participants.
  16. It was a small step taken by the Government of India which was further undertaken by the NSS unit of Salesian College Siliguri in order to create an awareness about health, hygiene and cleanliness among the people.

Report by:
Nilam Sharma
Part 2
English Hons.
Dept. of English