NSS Industrial visit

29th July, 2017

The Annual NSS camp was organised in Gopaldhara for 7 days by the Siliguri unit of NSS,Salesian college. The camp began on the 12th of February and ended on 18th February. A total of 16 students accompanied by NSS programme co-ordinator, Mr Sandeep Sundas and Ms Helena Lepcha, lady in-charge of Salesain College Siliguri Campus.
The journey started on 12th February at 8:00am from Darjeeling More and the team reached Thurbo Tea Estate at 9:45am followed by trekking down hill towards Don Bosco School, Gopaldhara, where the NSS unit members stayed during their 7 days camp. The first day ended with an interactive session where each person shared their observation and expectation. There were different groups assigned to carry out the assignment that were given to them by the cordinator Mr. Sandeep Sundas. Every individuals had atleast one day of cooking duty Day 2 included the cleaning campaign where four groups of NSS volunteers cleaned the streets and surrounding areas of the village. A survey was conducted on Day 3 on Occupational Labour Mobility among the habitants of the area. Day 4 was the community services where two different teams were formed and send to different areas. One group went to help Mr. Sanjay Subba whose house was under construction and the other group helped the labourers engaged in 100 days employment assurance scheme.
Day 5 was a continuation of the community services. The work was done by the unit was also given coverage by Voice Of Mirik and Radio Salesian 90.8 FM voice of hills headed by father Paul along with RJ Moses . Day 6 was the NSS unit organising a cultural and awareness programme for the villagers in and around the area. The event had active participation from the villagers as well. Day 7, the final day was a cleaning the sorroundings; the place where the team stayed. Finally the volunteers depart from the village at 11am and reached college campus at around 3 pm.
Each day was concluded with an interactive session. The most important portion of the camp the session included moving and observation by each participant of the camp about the each day and its activities. The session was introspective and gave great meaning to the work done in the camp. Each session was followed by games and competitions such as quiz and extempore, all done as bonding exercises. The camp was conducive from the volunteers persepective as it provides a learning platform to the volunteers , time management training, cooperation among volunteers and firewood cooking which was exciting though tedious job.
The NSS camp was an enormous success having profound impact on the villagers as well as the volunteers of the NSS unit.

Report by:
Pooja Sharma, MCJH -II
Loden Lama, ENGH-II