World AIDS Day

1st December 2017

Salesian College Siliguri, December 1, 2017: World Aids Day observed annually on December 1st is dedicated to raising awareness to the aids pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. To commemorate the World Aids Day the NSS Unit of Salesian College Siliguri observed the programme in the college under the leadership of NSS Programme Officer Mr. Sandeep Sundas. The programme was set up in the conference hall and it started from 10 am.
The programme was graced by the chief guests Dr. Swati Behra, Consultant and clinical microbiologists, Neotia Getwell hospital, Siliguri. The programme was witnessed by Fr. George Chempakathinal, Vice Principal, Salesian College Siliguri Campus, Faculty members of various departments and 60 volunteers and other 30 non NSS volunteers of the college. The programme started with a welcome address welcoming the entire distinguished guest, teachers and the students on the World Aids Day.
An informative session on HIV and AIDS was addressed by Dr. Swati with the emphasis on HIV transmission, treatment, prevention, staging and stigma. Other sessions of the programme includes open quiz competition, song and a skit.
The day was observed with great zeal to raise awareness and the programme eventually came to an end at 12:30 pm.

Report by:
Anuja Tamang
Part II
Department of Psychology