NSS Industrial visit

29th July, 2017

8 August, 2017, Fulbari: The NSS unit of Salesian College, Siliguri had organized a one day industrial visit (survey) to Fulbari. 19 students and two faculty members participated in the visit to know the industrial life and to know the processing of carton manufacturing industry. The NSS volunteers began their journey at 09:50 am in the morning and reached there by 11 am. The volunteers with their two faculties visited two industries; the first one carton manufacturing and the other was K.D. Plastic Industry. The packaging industry as one of the most demanded is always has a huge role to play on the client’s expectations says the owner of the industry Mr. Amit Agarwal The owner of the factory provided them with the information and showed them the process of manufacturing and recycling. So after visiting both the industries, the volunteers took pictures with the owner of the factory. The team reported back to the campus at around 01:30 pm.

Report by:
Nilam Sharma
English Department