Solid Waste Management Phase II
9th December 2016


The second phase of the project "Solid Waste Management" was successfully accomplished with NSS volunteers along with NSS Coordinator Mr. Sandeep Sundas and EVS coordinator Mr. Shomik Saha of Salesian College Siliguri Campus. The volunteers and coordinators indulge in cleaning the surrounding followed by campus cleaning. The 2nd phase of Solid Waste Management Project includes cleanliness drive on 9th December and survey and awareness which is schedule to be held on 17th December 2016. The cleanliness drive which started at 9 am continued till 2pm.


43 NSS volunteers with coordinators participated the cleaning campaign and was divided in 5 different groups. Firstly, the cleaning began outside the campus from Don Bosco school to grave yard followed by cleaning campus. The cleaning included picking up of wastes, sweeping and cutting down of unwanted grasses and segregating the bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste and proper disposal.






At the end all the wastes were collected, segregated and kept separately, so that its easier for the municipal worker to collect it and dispose properly and finally the waste collected inside the campus includes degradable and non-degradable were dumped inside the dumping ground created in the campus.

Reported by:
Mouli Ghoroi
Mass Comm. & Journalism.