Solid Waste Management Phase II (Awareness & Survey)
17th December 2016


The NSS unit in collaboration with,the Department of Environmental Science and Alumni Association successfullyorganised the awareness campaign and the survey of two villages namely Raj Fapri and Roy Colony as second half of Solid Waste Management under second phase of the project. The first half was organised on 9th December. Random samples of 50 household from each village were chosen and survey was conducted. Volunteers were divided into five groups and each group visited 10 families in each village.Awareness was also done on the ill effects of improper disposal of waste, improper sanitation, poor drainage as and when the volunteers encounter these problems.





The survey started at around 8:30am and continued till 2pm. The five groups were assigned to submit the summary of the survey on their findings in 7days. Group work and coordination among the members of each group was encouraged by the coordinators.

Reported by:
Mouli Ghoroi
Mass Comm. & Journalism.