NSS Day and Student's Workshop
24th September 2016


NSS unit, Salesian College, Siliguri campus observed NSS day in A.V. Hall. The students' workshop on social awareness was organised to celebrate the NSS day. The workshop started at 9 am and continued till 2pm. The programme started with the lamp lightning and welcome speechby theRector FatherMathew Pulingathil. Mr. Sandeep Sundas being the nss programme officer introduced the programme and its rationale.Then the programme was declared open by Father Aju Kurian.NSS day was introduced on 24th September 1969 on Gandhiji's centenary year.



Then the programme moved on with the power point presentations by 9 groups. Rag pickers, Gender sensitization, Human trafficking, Orthodox and spiritual practices, Child labour, Sanitation and health, Caste bias, Dominance, Women atrocities.  There were song and dance performances on gender sensitization. A skit was presented on human trafficking and a documentary was shown on forced marriage and its consequences. Survey was done on rag pickers and sanitation and health which was screened on the occasion in the form of a video. The emceeof the programme Punit Gadodia ended the presentations with his observation EDUCATION IS THE HEART OF THE SOCIETY, SOCIETY IS THE HEART OF THE EDUCATION.






At the end of the workshop, the NSS coordinator concluded the programme with the words of appreciation and congratulated all the volunteers for their hard work. The programme officially came to an end with an NSS clap.

Reported by:
Mouli Ghoroi
Mass Comm. & Journalism.