Salesian Research Institute
  Enhancing the intellectual capital of the teaching community of the region and generating locally relevant knowledge for policy making and societal transformation
  To bring together scholars undergoing research on the region from anywhere
  To bring together scholars from the region doing research on any area anywhere
  To encourage groups and individuals seeking research capabilities from the region
  To promote research capabilities in the location specific disadvantaged institutions of higher education.
  To bring the available resources from various governmental and non governmental agencies across the country and in different parts of the world for research related activities.
Location and Organization:
  Salesian Research Institute shall be an extension/outreach programme of Salesian College coordinated from both its campuses.
  The committee of coordination of the Research Institute shall consist of a Director and a team selected from among the permanent staff holding a PhD degree and minimum of five years teaching and research experience.
  The management of finances and its moveable and immovable property shall be the responsibility of the College after due consideration of the proposals made by the coordination committee.
  The Committee shall meet at least thrice a year to plan and evaluate the progress of the activities of the Research Institute.
Facilities Provided:
The Centre shall provide the following facilities:
  Office space /Website
  Work station for the fellows/scholars admitted on specific tasks for the duration as shall be specified in the admission contract for research fellowship
  Library and access to Inflibnet Digital Resources of NLIST Consortia
  Internet Facility
  Special assistance for the Other-abled
The Activities to be promoted:
  Holding regular (semester/trimester wise) workshops of Research Scholars.
  Encouraging young scholars to gain experience in research under the guidance of senior researchers and in collaboration with research networks.
  Shall provide financial assistance to the researchers on terms and conditions that shall be specified by the Institute depending on the availability of resources and the nature of research project submitted by the scholar.
  Enable scholars to avail of assistance from governmental or non-governmental agencies and other research centres and institutes.
  The annual Report of the Institute shall be submitted to the Governing Body of  the College and made available on its website.
Proposed Members of the Salesian Research Institute Coordination Committee
Director Rector/Principal, Salesian College
Members  Dr Nirmol Gomes
Dr Mathew George
Dr Shaji Puykunnel
Staff Reps Bhasker Malu
Biju Mathew
Terence Mukhia

IFCU Project Director

Fr Dr George Chepakathinal sdb
Field Investigator Mr. Sunil Prasad
Salesian Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences
Education and Social Inclusion: Challenges of Diversity
Identity, Resistance and Empowerment

Indigenous Management: Theories and Practices
Christian Education and Making of Democratic India

Engaging The Spiritual
Contextual Management

Technology and Society
Sprots, Games and Holistic Education

Translation Literary and Linguistic Terrain
Indigenous Philosophies of the Himalayan Communities

Darjeeling and The Indian East
Mountain Economy Resources Sustainability Governance

Spirituality in Victorian Poetry
Philosophy and Contemporary Living
Draft Prepared by
Principal, Salesian College
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