Visit to IIT Madras - Department Of Mathematics
2nd-11th January 2017


Eighteen students along with four faculty members started their journey for 9 Night and 8 Days on 2nd January, 2017 form NJP, Siliguri, WB. The main motive of this excursion was to visitthe Department of Mathematics at IIT Chennai. On 3rd January 2017 they reached Kolkata early in the morning. On this relaxation day, they visited Belur Math the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission founded by Swami Vivekananda and Dakshineswar Temple and boarded train for Chennai at 11:45pm. After reaching Chennai on 5th January 2017 morning, the primary halt was at Dhyana Ashrama, Madha Church Road, Santhome. To spend that day in an informal manner, they split into two groups, and went to Queensland Amusement Park while the other group went to visit local temple and city. On 6th January they visitedthe Department of Mathematics IIT Madras (Chennai). There they were honoured by a special lecture by Prof.Thambanm Nair, the Head of the Mathematics Department. He motivated students to take higher studies in IIT’s and gave details of every possible steps to get in IIT’s through various exams like GATE, NBHM (National Board Of Higher Mathematics) etc. He even briefed out about INSPIRE program which is mainly for school students which can be conducted by any college in collaboration with any IIT’s. Students took part in SARANG (Annual feast of IIT Madras)and won in many events as well. Next day they took a trip to Pondicherry and visited Auroville (Matrimandir), Sri Aurobindo Ashram, French Colony and Paradise beach. On 8th January they went to Mahabalipuram, one of the most beautiful places in south India which has dream world of Tamil arts and exhibits.The place is known for rock architectural beauty. Next day, early in the morning they took train from Chennai Centralto reach NJP on 11th January at 7:30 am in the morning. With their increased luggage trollies, they also carried a new learning of culture, system, IITs entrance procedure, friendship, bonding, existence in new food habits and an album of colourful memories.