Women Cell Report 2016
Salesian College Sonada


The women cell consists of two faculty coordinators and female student representatives from each discipline. Nevertheless every female faculty can also be a part of the cell.


The cell tried to address the sanitation issue with regard to the female students in the college. The issue was addressed in the morning assembly on 22nd July 2016 by the female faculties of the college.

The cell called for meeting twice in the 2016 session. One in August and the other in September. The cell decided to regularly check the sanitation issue and to be ready with sanitation napkins. In the next meeting the issue of self-defense was addressed for which the faculty, Ms. Bandana Lama, from the Sports Management has been requested to give a lecture and demonstrate the tactics of self-defense to the students on February 2017.

Reported by:
Women Cell coordinator
Bedika Rai