Android Developer Workshop in Sonada
05/Sep/2016 – 09/Sep/2016


The workshop began at 9 am with prayer led by Fr. Principal, Dr. George Thadathil. Fr. Principal explained the reasons for conducting the training event involving the senior students from the Department of Computer Science and Applications from both the campuses, and the expectations of the College from the people undergoing such a professional training which also happens to be the first of its kind organised by the College. This was followed by the introduction of the trainer, Mr. AmritChettri from Rosefinch Consultancy Services, Pvt. Ltd, a Siliguri based company, by Mr. DhirodattaSubba, Head, CSA Department, Siliguri Campus. Fr. James Chacko, Rector, Sonada campus, then blessed everyone and wished success for the program.


The training / workshop followed the outline as per Android ATC as follows:

Lesson 1: Android Framework Lesson2: Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
Lesson 3: ListActivity and ListView Lesson4: Intents and Intent filters
Lesson 5: Custom Views Lesson6: Dialogs and Toasts
Lesson 7: More UI - Options Menu, Context Menu, and WebView LessonLesson 8: Android Storage: Network, File I/O, and SharedPreferences
Lesson 9: Android Storage: SQLite and Content ProvidersLesson 10: Android Notifications
Certificate distribution-
During the workshop attendees were distributed into five groups for the purpose of applying the knowhow to software projects. Each group was given a project to study and prepare a Software Requirements Specifications document. Details as follows:
Team / Group NameProject Title
A Indian Recipies
B Network Port Analyzer
C Financial Planner
D Student Registration
E Big Data Security Analysis
F Twitter Analytics

Programming principles were demonstrated using Android Studio and Eclipse IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Sample programs were tested using both Virtual devices and our own mobile phones. Database connectivity and sample operations were tested with SQLite, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. On the last workshop day, a quick 30 minute test was also taken to evaluate our learning.


On the whole, it was technically challenging and very interesting, though difficult for junior students. The encouraging and surprising element was that our senior students showed the ability to grasp the concepts and agility to learn the difficult elements of advanced Java programming.
Finally, on the 10ththe program was concluded by the Certificate distribution by the Vice Principal of Sonada Campus, Fr. Noby George. Another surprise was the visit by some fathers from Don Bosco institutions around Kolkata area.

We had a wonderful opportunity of learning. Now we have the responsibility of making it work for our College. We are grateful to the management for all the support. In all, there were 13 attendees from Siliguri campus (including two faculties) and 12 attendees from Sonada campus (including 2 faculties).

On our way back, we visited Chatakpur Village in the misty hill tops of Sonada!

Reported by:
Mr. Dhirodutta Subba
Department of Computer Science & Application