Salesian Alumni

The Salesian College Sonada and Siliguri have vibrant Alumni Associations. It is registered with the Don Bosco Alumni, India and also registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act (FI. 1LI-66557 of 2009-10 dated 31 December 2009). With wide network of Don Bosco institutions all over the country and at international level. The college alumni is also linked with all other Don Bosco institutions at regional, national and international level giving the alumni an immense opportunity for their growth and development.

The college is in constant process of updating the Alumni database and keep in touch with you all. If you are an alumni of Salesian college Sonada or Siliguri, kindly do us the favour of sending your email ID, phone number and postal address to our alumni office.
Thank you for your cooperation


Salesian College Siliguri Alumni Committee

Head Fr. Mathew Pulingathil
Principal Fr. George Thadhathil
Coordinator Ms. Priyamrita Chatterjee
President Chanchal Agarwal
Vice President Keren Symon
Secretary Kuljeet Kaur
Treasurer Sayak Moitra
Members Abhimanyu Agarwal
Ankush Agarwal
Anu Agarwal
Ankit Kr. Sharma
Bipasa Agarwal
Khushboo Rakecha
Siddhant Agarwal

Email ID: