Department of Physics

The Physics department of Salesian College (Siliguri Campus) had its humble beginning in the year 2015 under the guidance of Dr Satyen Chandra Das by offering B.Sc Physics (general) course and by providing assistance in teaching BCA Physics module. Currently, the department offers B.Sc. Physics (Honours) programme under CBCS curriculum of the North Bengal University apart from offering B.Sc. generic elective (GE) papers to students from other sister science departments. The faculty members are highly dedicated to quality physics education with innovative methods of
teaching – both theoretical and experimental. The Physics Laboratory is well equipped with sufficient instruments and devices related to general physics, mechanics, wave-optics, electricity and magnetism, electronics, computational physics, and other courses – as prescribed under the B.Sc. (Physics) Honours CBCS curriculum of the North Bengal University. The department conducts talks and special lectures by inviting renowned physicists from different universities/institutions on a regular basis. Beside imparting quality education, the faculty members are also engaged in research activities and participates in various national and international conferences, seminars of research interests.