Head Of Department

Dr.Moushakhi Ray

Department of Economics

The economics department was started in Salesian College Sonada Campus in the year 1950. It is one of the oldest departments of the college. However, in the Siliguri Campus, this department started in the year 2011. In the initial years it was taught as an elective paper/ general course in both the campuses. Eventually, the department will start its honours programme from July, 2019. In the last two decades, India’s economic integration with the global economy has widened. In this regard, the all-encompassing reforms in the industrial, financial, trade and retail sectors etc., have and are converging in ushering in a global competitive market economy. At this juncture the issue, of sustainability of the growth and prosperity of the country also needs to analysed and addressed. The influence of globalization on the transition of Indian economy is undeniable and therefore needs to be studied by scholars in order to understand the market economy.